Songs of Praise and Thanksgiving

During choir practice this week, we were looking at some of our favorite hymns.  There are so many great hymns, it is difficult to pick just one.  We happened to be looking in “With One Voice” and I selected I, the Lord of Sea and Sky, also known as  Here I Am, Lord.   This song has been a favorite for many years and when I really listen and reflect on the words, it can bring tears to my eyes.  It is a reminder that it is our responsibility to go out and bring God’s love to the world in our own way.  It does not matter if you are visiting with the lonely, advocating for those that do not have a voice, helping a neighbor or caring for those in need.  As long as you bring God’s love to your service, you are answering His call.  Here I am, Lord.  Is it I, Lord?  How have you heard Him calling in the night?

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