Do You Give Something Up for Lent?

Over the years, I have chosen to give something up for Lent as part of my preparation for Easter.  I have chosen sweets, behaviors to change and behaviors to add.  When I look back over the years I have chosen to do this, I think my favorite has been adding behaviors.  One year I chose to add a blessing to someone I saw each morning.  As I passed someone, I would say a short prayer to add a blessing to them for the day.  I did not share this fact with anyone – I just did it.  It did bring me joy and a change in my own attitude.  I often wonder what kind of blessings I helped create by those small prayers (besides the blessing to myself).  Most of the people I chose were strangers, so I will never know how that small offering changed their day, but I know how it changed mine.  What do you do during Lent to prepare for Easter?

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