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Draft Social Statement on Women and Justice

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Synod Women's Organization

Welcome to the website of the Synod Women's Organization of the NW Synod of Wisconsin.

Draft Social Statement on Women and Justice

NOTE! Deadline for comments is September 30th!

The ELCA Task Force on Women and Justice: One in Christ invites you to read and evaluate the “Draft of a Social Statement on Women and Justice.” To learn more about social statements and how they’re created, check out our FAQ. Receiving input from all spheres of the church is essential to create a strong social statement.

Click here to download a digital copy of the draft. Physical copies of the draft can be ordered here.

How do I respond? You can find a response form in the back of the printed copy of the draft, also located online at General email comments can be sent here. You can also attend a hearing to respond verbally to a representative of the task force. Responses that reference line numbers from the draft itself will help the task force quickly identify your area of affirmation or concern.

What is the timeframe? The task force will read and analyze all responses submitted by Sept. 30, 2018.


2018 SWO Convention


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